Welcome to the english site

Welcome to the English homepage of the Women’s Sport Association Walchwil

  • We support a balanced and healthy wellbeing – from toddlers to the grandmother
  • We offer a varied programme to enable other women to get to know each other – through sports, fun und play
  • We support social intergration and take part in the social and cultural side of life
  • We promote recreational sports

On this page you will find an overview of our association and some important information as the sports programme and prices. Detailed information on the recreational programme, news, photos and statutes can be found on the German version of our homepage.

The Woman’s Sports Association Walchwil was founded in 2000 and counts around 200 members (women and youths). Our aim is to offer kids, youths and women from all age groups a varied sports programme and to support camaraderie and sociability. The membership is also an oppertunity for integration into the village and to give something back to the community. The association is independent and neutral concerning politics and confessions. With your commitment you can activly help to shape the association, for example through support and assistance with various events and by supporting the management board.


The association does not follow an economic purpose and is not organised on a democratic basis. The supreme organ is the annual general meeting which is compulsary for members. We will review past activities, take vote over new policies and ideas and enjoy a nice meal together. The management board is voted for by the members of the general meeting and forms the executive. The statutes form the association’s basic order. They describe, for example, the purpose of the association and the rights and obligations of its members.

All members can participate and be part of activities and events. After registration, members can sign up for any number of trial lessons

Our Activities

Children and Youths

  • Parents-Kids-Exercise / ELKI (exercise and fun for children 3 years of age up to Kindergarten and their mothers, fathers, grandmothers, nannies etc.)
  • Kids-Exercise / KITU ( age appropriate exercise for Kindergarten-children)
  • Girls Jugi (athletics, exercise, and games for girls. Divided up into 3 groups: 1st-3rd Grade, 4th-5th Grade, 6th Grade-3rd Upper Grade
  • Netball for children and youths (ballgame for girls and boys without physical contact, practise, tournaments and championship games. Divided up into 2 groups 1st-5th Grade and 6th Grade-3rd Upper Grade

Sports for Women

  • Netball (ballsport for women of all ages, playing just for fun and/or practise for tournaments and champinship games)
  • Gymnastics and Fitness (with music, for women of all ages and athleticism. Movement, strength and endurance
  • Social occasions throughout the year, (for example Stand-Up Paddling, eat out, excursions, annual general meeting)

We look forward to welcoming you soon to the association!